Saturday, 8 November 2008

Winter is here

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iPhone blogging

While taking a break from 2.0 the iPhone has this cool application called shuzu which lets you blog from the phone.

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ants in my pants

Well, just spent the day playing with Ant adding some beanshell scripts and some other bits and pieces.

Here in Oracle, we have the ability to translate to 32 languages pretty quickly given we give our translation teams the appropriate file formats. In SQL Developer, we primarily use three file formats.
  1. property files
  2. xliff files ( to denote strings in xml)
  3. rts files, home grown strings files we process to java files for inclusion.
Anyway, the upshot of all of this is we are currently going through the pain of translating SQLDeveloper because we are present in close to 100 countries around the globe, even antartica. (Yes guys, we saw you). Translating a tool is an interesting business, both from an operational point of view (how to do it) and when to do it (when in the lifecycle). We'll come to that over time as we solidify this.

Anyway, We've decided that we will drop our first translated delivery with our JDeveloper integration. They normally translate to Japanese, but allows us to work out all the kinks as we go. This will be called our 1.5.2 release and will only be released as part of JDeveloper. As soon as we have that completed, We'll put together 1.5.3 which is a translation of the same tool into 9 languages (including yours hopefully)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Multi Tasking - Men can't do it.

But SQL Developer can. We've spent some time reworking the worksheet for 2.0 to allow several things to happen.
  1. Allow you to register pre and post statement listeners so you can do things with the code before and after it is run.
  2. Added a tasking framework which handles background tasks to allow the users more immediate control, response and information as they use the tool.
The listeners are being integrated into the worksheet and the tasking framework is being used in several places already for 2.0. The navigator is making use of it as will most things which take more than a few seconds to complete.
On the bottom of the tool, we have a 'knight Rider' bar showing the task running.
We house these tasks in another dockable window which shows the tasks and allows the user to configure and manage them through out their life before they disappear when the task is complete and the threaded task they represent is gone.All of these things, we'll be showing at Open World from the 15th of September so if you're going drop along to a session on base SQL Developer stuff or some of the other Migration or modeling sessions. You can see whats going on here.

DBMS_OUTPUT from multiple worksheets

While I'm talking today, heres another feature people have been asking for. Separated DBMS_OUTPUT from the main worksheet.

This way you can now have several worksheets on the same connection pumping out anything onto dbms_output and it appears nicely in the dockable window. You can still specify it inline in the code with
set serveroutput on
and it will appear in the script output window as an alternative.

Do you have odbc or JDBC data?

We do. Most of the emails and pings I get are to see if we have a plugin for the migration workbench for this or that, mostly databases we rarely hear from anymore like the paradox's supra's etc

At Openworld, we're introducing a generic JDBC and ODBC browser and migration extension to allow you to connect to 'any' jdbc source or odbc source and copy your data across to Oracle.

Right now, we've tried it on postgres and firebird, but there are a lot of others to test too. This will be GA in the 2.0 timeframe of SQL Developer.

These connections allow you to view your data in the source database and you can drag your tables into the worksheet kicking off a table migration to that connection.

Come by and see us at OpenWorld. I'm doing a session on the Monday about Migration in general and have a couple of customers who have been through the process using SQL Developer and have come to tell their tale to you.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oracle World and UKOUG

One other thing is we're revving up for Oracle world and UKOUG too, so make sure when you get there that you look us up. Dont have specific locations, but we're normally in the database campgrounds.

1.5.1 on the horizon

Since we released 1.5, we've been busy getting a few issues sorted out for 1.5.1. Most of these issues, you wont see, but when you do, they are painful. Here's a working list of what we're up to:
  1. Tightening up NLS/MB issues.
  2. Hardening some connection issues (to do with internal dependencies)
  3. Fixing some migration related issues for our customers to bring their migration projects to close to 100% successful generation.
  4. Making the Check for updates better so we can release patches more easily on this platform.
There are a load of other minor things in here, but these are the big ones We want to get out before we get really stuck into the next major release. Make sure you check out our site and if you have features you want to see go to the feature request pages

Thursday, 24 April 2008

SQL Developer 1.5 is now Production

We have just released SQL Developer as production yesterday. Its been a long road for getting the functionality into this release and making the whole tool more stable and more usable than any other release.

Over the next couple of months, we will be building some other cool stuff which we hope to showcase at Openworld.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

DBDoc your schema

Well, we've been working on EA3 and its been worth it. A sneak peek at this nice feature
You can now right click on a connection and generate a set of DB doc, not unlike Java Doc. This missed the cut for EA2 but will be in for EA3

We will probably make this a little prettier before production but this gives you the general idea.

Monday, 4 February 2008

SQL Developer 1.5 Early Access.

Well, we now have early access 1 out the door.  There are a couple of things that have not made it in yet, like SCM and a few others, but we are releasing updates every few weeks as we harden the product down.  We've done a load of updates, specifically with user requests from the exchange.
I'll keep this updated as we release each cycle and focus on specific changes to each of the specific areas.